Private Tour of the National Zoo

Over the weekend the IAI family attended a private tour at the Washington D.C. National Zoo. Our group was split up into three teams, each with their own guide. Each guide offered insight to the animal world, combined with engaging stories, interesting facts and animal observations. The guide seemed well educated. He pointed out every endangered species and discussed how the zoo was working to save them. Our tour lasted for two hours and covered the most popular zoo exhibits, such as the lions, tigers, elephants, tortoises, and Komodo dragons. The most interesting exhibit was Lucy, the orangutan, who recently made the news for her lack of exercise. Our guide described her as a “diva” because she loves to entertain fans and is the only orangutan that will not travel the “O-line” cable, which dissects the park in two. At the end of our tour, all the kids got an opportunity to visit the farm. They were ecstatic to see the goats, cows, and chickens and were surprised to be able to feed some of the larger animals.