IAI and Family Get Medieval at the MD Renaissance Festival

Over the weekend, the IAI employees and their families met at the MD Rennaissance Festival for a day of fun and festivities. We arrived at the fair around noon and the families split up to go see the sights. Most went off to the many shops the festival offers. I made a bee-line to the turkey leg stand, because they are my personal favorite, and then stood in line for the ax throwing game. Around this time, a glassblowing show was starting so we gathered a small group and learned about the intricacies of glassblowing. Many factories these days use machines to handle the molten glass but these two gentlemen ran the entire process by hand. By the end of the show, they offered the crowd to come to the front where you can buy one of their hand-made creations, even the vase they had just blown during the show. Next we stopped at the White Hart Tavern for a drink and to listen to the lovely female choir. The group consisted of three woman and they sang old folk songs, most of which I was unable to interpret. Before the end of the day we had to sit and watch the knights joust. This competition always draws a crowd so finding seats together was difficult. We managed though. The King’s Knights were victorious during our show, beating their competitors by a very slim margin.