Diwali Luncheon

Last week, the IAI social committee hosted a Diwali luncheon to celebrate the Hindu festival of lights. An eager group of IAI employees wrapped around the office, waiting for lunch to start. The committee did a great job selecting traditional dishes, which included:

  1. Biriyani (Vegetable fried rice)
  2. Paneer makhni (Cottage Cheese)
  3. Daal Tadka (Lentils)
  4. Vegetable Masala
  5. Chicken Curry
  6. Shrimp Maharaja
  7. Naan
  8. Assorted Chutneys
  9.  Gulab Jamun

A group of employee convened in the main conference room to talk and enjoy their lunch. Leaders from the group talked about what Diwali meant to them and how they have celebrated versus how they celebrate today. Overall, it was a very enlightening experience for all who attended.